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Free Forever Plan

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Get Free Forever Access to all of the Commercial & Business Loan Programs simply by adding the provided “Commercial & Business Financing Available” banner to your website which links to your custom co-branded loan application.

*Annual Program Fee is Waived with proof of link on your website. See Example

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$42 Per Month*
Paid Annually At $499 Per Year*

Included Standard Plan Features:

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Per Funded Loan Paid To Partner

Included Standard & Pro Plan Features:

This is an Invite Only Program after 10 unique loan submissions or 5 loan fundings. Whichever comes first.

Program Features

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Offering Commercial & Business Financing to Your Customers is Incredibly Simple With HelloRates. The Fast an Intuitive Loan Process Requires No Commercial Lending or Business Financing Experience From You or Your Team.

Enroll & Create Your FREE Custom Loan Page

It takes just 2 minutes to be set up with the most comprehensive commercial & business financing program in the market.

Add The Financing Badge to Your Website

Add the Commercial Financing Banner & Link on your website to show your customers and clients that 100% business financing is available.

Direct Your Customers To Apply Directly From Your Website

By adding the 100% Business & Commercial Financing Available badge on your website, you create an easy path for customers to apply when they want to explore all of their Commercial & Business financing options.

The hellorates commercial & business financing partner program is perfect for any organization with a b2B customer base or professional network including:

Commercial Construction & Trade Partners

Equipment & Industrial Sales Partners

Financial Services & Institution Partners

Tap Into Over 85 Business & Commercial Loan Programs With
Our Fast & Easy Commercial & Business Financing Partner Program

HelloRates Commercial & Business Financing Program
Key Features

The Industry’s First and Only Commercial & Business Financing Dealer Program

Outsmart Your Competition

Your competition may not offer commercial financing options yet. Now is the time to elevate your sales game by adding commercial & business financing options.

Easy 2 minute Application

The loan application is simple, straightforward and only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Programs For All Credit Grades

With 85+ programs & Products you can be certain that regardless of the credit score, if there is a way to get the loan done we will find it.

85 Plus Programs

The HelloRates Platform has over 85 products & programs for any purpose and credit grade.

Multiple Loan Offers

When an application is submitted it goes through a rigorous process to find and present all of the options available which usually include multiple options to choose from.

No Partner Paperwork

There is no paperwork for the partner to submit and we will never ask you to chase customer docs or anything else.


Years of Experience


Million in Fundings


Network Partners


States Covered
About HelloRates Commercial & Business Financing

Our Mission Is To Make Business & Commercial Funding Options Approachable & Accessible to Any Business, Manufacturer, Distributor & Professional Network

You focus on your core business and let us handle the complexity of finding the perfect commercial or business financing option for your customer or client.

A Commercial & Business Lender Network That's Second to None

Businesses are not “One Size Fits All” and neither is our program. We have 85+ products available to ensure that every customer receives the best offers possible and the highest chance of success.

We Live and Breathe Commercial & Business Financing Lower Rates

Our Team has over 100 years of expertise in Finance, Technology & Rate Optimization

Commercial & Business Financing Partner Program FAQs

We’ve made the process super quick and easy for you to offer a full spectrum of commercial & business loan options to your customers. After you complete the program enrollment form, we will contact you with the next steps to set up your custom Co-Branded Portal which will allow you to offer Commercial & Business Financing to your customers immediately. When your customer applies using your unique loan application we will match your customers with lending options from our large network of the best lenders, offering Unsecured Commercial & Business Loans based on their individual needs to provide them the best options and highest chance of approval success. Your customers will be able to review and compare all options ahead of making any final decisions.


We take consumer and business privacy very seriously and all of your information is safe and secure through a variety of different ways. One way is by using a SSL to establish an encrypted link so everything you provide to us remains private. You can review our privacy and security policy in the privacy section of this site.

HelloRates can provide financing for nearly any product or service you can think of. See our page that lists all of the products and services here

Yes, HelloRates can still provide you with financial options but having an email address will open the door to many more options.


An unsecured loan or personal loan, is a loan that is based solely on the borrower’s creditworthiness, rather than by any type of collateral. An unsecured loan can be used for nearly any purpose, including home improvements, debt consolidation, travel, medical & dental  wedding expenses, and many more.


A secured loan is a loan that is secured by a valuable asset such as a car or home. The asset is used as collateral for the loan and if you default, the bank/lender can repossess the car or home or asset that is pledged.

HelloRates has partner network programs for all credit types.


Unfortunately we only offer our program in the US at this time.


There are no requirements to accept any of the options that are presented. It’s best practice to notify the lender directly that you are declining their offer so that they can allocate that money to someone else.


Yes, HelloRates has lending partners that work with borrowers with poor to excellent credit. All loan and underwriting decisions are performed and provided by our lending partners.

A soft credit inquiry is an inquiry that occurs when either you, a credit card company, or a lender checks your credit to pre-approve you to offer you credit. Soft inquiries do not appear on your credit report, nor do they impact your credit scores whatsoever. 

A hard credit inquiry is an inquiry that occurs when you apply to a bank or lender so they can review your credit report as part of their decision-making process. A hard inquiry does show up on your credit report and will impact your credit score. This type of inquiry appears on your credit report for two years (24 months), however, it will only impact your credit score for the first year (12 months).


HelloRates never charges any fees to the consumer to utilize the services. Each lending partner you are matched with determines their own policy on what they charge. We are unable to determine the amount of closing costs or out-of-pocket expenses you may incur, however, if we are able to match you with a lending partner, you can discuss your specific situation with them once you review their loan terms and are in contact.

No, HelloRates will not pull your credit and will only do a soft credit pull that will have no effect on your credit or score.

Of course, please reach out using our contact form and one of our friendly customer success agents will be happy to help you. 


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Want to work with us but still have questions ? We are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Simply reach out.

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