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Digital Assets

Website Financing Badges and Banners

Size: 150×150

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Size: 350×250

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Size: 728×90

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How to add any banners in wordpress post: Step 1: First open your site in edit mode and select media option from wordpress editor Step 2: When you open media option you will see a wordpress pop up for upload and select uploaded banner(s). Step 3: If you have already added banners then just select from media library and insert into post/page. Step 4: If you have not added banner image in media library then first upload your banners in media library and then insert into wordpress post/page.

Custom Email Signature

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Logo Files and Brand Guidelines

Use our Brand Guidelines!

For any design like truck graphics, home show banners, advertising documents, invoices, bids etc.

Font Family: Poppins

Social Media Assets

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Pro Shop

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Co-Branded Page Example

Online Advertising:
Co-Branded Page

You’ll receive a customized co-branded financing page and links exclusively for your customers. See example page.

See Example


*We recommended to use co-branded page

Custom Example

Choose your custom URL

You’ll receive a customized page,
which features multiple links.

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